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How many times have you heard somebody say “It sounds good enough.” The founders of The DaVinci Group dislike that phrase. Many manufacturers are concentrating a great deal of time and effort on how to build products faster and cheaper with the aim of selling into more channels. This is a recipe for ruin.

The DaVinci Group was founded by a group of custom electronic industry leaders to create quality products for the custom integrator. Our speakers have been designed by engineers who specialize in the custom market, for the custom integration expert, while bringing leading performance and value to the entire product line.

The group has created a business model that brings our expertise, vision and experience with the goal of becoming partners with our dealers. To stand behind our commitment we offer the best warranty in the industry. 

Our team is passionate about sound. To us sound is THE MOST important element you can add to any project. The consumer is being bombarded daily with media exposure and news about iPhones, iPads, Galaxy, iTunes LED, LCD and much much more. However, the one thing that can move people unlike any other is SOUND! Something as simple as quality background music can bring a smile to anybody’s face.

So thank you for visiting DaVinci Audio. Our products are available through a very restricted network of professionals. None of our products are sold online. We want each customer to enjoy the benefit of working with the finest network of professional integration firms in the world. In fact when a consumer works with an authorized DaVinci group dealer they are working with one of our owners. Yes, DaVinci Group dealers are also shareholders in our company. So you know the commitment to excellence will be second to none. Here is our invitation to join us.                                                   

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